Street Culture Ball

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Street Culture - 2ELEVEN Ball
The model was created to delight experts, street performers, and players of spectacle games on the street. The graphics on the Street Culture ball are inspired by the work of street artists and graffiti specialists who create colorful and intricate letters and images to express their ideas and emotions. The colors used, such as red, orange, yellow, and shades of green with a touch of yellow, give the ball a positive energy and a sense of joy. 
  Key information:
- 32-panel
- Air Lock System
prevents air leakage from the ball.
- Super Water Resistance
ensures the highest possible water resistance.
- Hyper Stitched
advanced stitching technology provides greater durability of panel connections.


Air Lock System - a system that prevents air loss from the ball. This system involves the use of a special membrane or an additional valve that secures against air leakage during ball inflation and after it has been inflated.

Butyl Safety Nozzela technology related to the internal bladder of the ball. "Butyl" refers to the type of rubber used in the production of the ball's bladder. Butyl rubber is known for its very low air permeability, meaning that a ball with such a bladder experiences minimal air loss.

Minimal Pressure loss – refers to the inner part of the ball that maintains pressure, commonly known as the bladder. The bladder is designed to keep the air inside the ball at a constant level and minimize pressure loss

Dual Enforcement Technology
 - the ball is constructed using two reinforcement technologies. The first technology involves applying a special laminate that enhances the ball's resistance to abrasion. The second technology involves using durable, three-layered panels.




Excellent Print Durability – means that the print on the ball will be more resistant to rubbing, fading, weather conditions, and intense use, making it more durable and maintaining its readability for a longer period.

Hyper Stitched - in ball construction, it means that the ball is made using advanced stitching technology, which provides strength and durability to the connections between the ball's panels. This makes the ball more resistant to intense use, impacts, and deformation, resulting in a longer lifespan.


Perfect Rebound Air Pressure 0.6 - 0.8 in ball construction, it means that the ball is designed to achieve an ideal rebound at a specific air pressure inside the ball. The value of 0.6 - 0.8 bar (or 8.7 - 11.6 PSI) represents standard air pressure. 

Super Water Resistence - the ball is designed to provide the highest possible resistance to water. With this technology, the ball is capable of maintaining its physical and mechanical properties in adverse weather conditions.

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